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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Stainless Steel Chemical Process Pump

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The series of Stainless Steel Chemical Process Pump could transport liquid with any temperature,
including corrosive liquid or non corrosiveness, clean or with solid liquid, so especial
used in industry of chemistry or petrochemistry, oil refineries, Chemicals, paper mak-
ing and pulps, sugar and general processing industries.
Botou Saiken Pumps Co., Ltd are emerge as most prominent and leading Stainless Steel Chemical Process Pump manufacturer and exporter,The pump is also acknowledged for its sturdy construction, longer operational life, and high material strength.
Capacity: 2000m 3 /h
Head: 160m
Working Pressure: 2.5 MPa
Working Temp.:-80℃~300℃
Operating stably, low NPSHr valve, high efficiency, at any time
Conveyance Medium:
1.  Various kinds of organic and inorganic acids with any contents and temperatures,
including sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid etc..
2.  Various kinds of alkaline liquids with any contents and temperatures, including
sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate etc..
3.  All kinds of salt solutions.
4.  Various kinds of petrochemical products and organic compounds as well as any
other corrosive raw materials and products in liquid forms.
Construction Illuminate:
The pressure, on the shaft sealing, been balanced by balance hole. Shaft, besides it
could be used for packing sealing (cooled or un-cooled), adopted to diversified con-
struction single or double end mechanical sealing (adoptable balanced type). Ball
bearing wears well; dimensions of shaft diameter suitable; operating is stability. Par-
tial pump casing is designed to double shell so as to balance radial power. Assembled
parts, which be formed of bearing frame including shaft, impeller, packing stuffing
and so on, make pump casing maintained without take down from pipeline (if used
lengthen coupling, motor needn’t remove also). Flange designed standard according
to PN16 and PN25.
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