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  • Heat Transfer Oil Pump - Hot oi

    We're professional Heat Transfer Oil Pump manufacturers and suppliers in China high quality products with competitive price. We warmly welcome you to buy Hot oil circulating pump from our factory...

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latest news

1 inch GRACO diaphragm pump per

1 inch GRACO diaphragm pump perfect replacement Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Model:SKQ-25ASTFF Max Capacity:150LPM, Max pressure:8.4Bar Material Body/Diaphragm/Valve ball/Valve seat: PP/Teflon/PTFE/PTFE Pump Inlet Outlet:1/1 (flange type), A...

KCB Series Gear Pumps

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  • KCB-18.3 33.3 55 83.3 Gear Pump Manufacturer
    KCB-18.3 33.3 55 83.3 200 300 483.3 Gear Pump Manufacturer in china,Ex-factory price for the best quality,used to transfer heavy oil,fuel,engine oil and similar liquids without solids...
  • KCB Gear Pump & KCB Gear Oil Pump
    KCB Gear Pump & KCB Gear Oil Pump,MODEL:KCB-18.3,KCB-33.3,KCB-55,KCB-83.3,KCB-135,KCB-200,KCB-300,KCB-483.3,KCB-633,KCB-960,KCB-1200,KCB-1600,KCB-1800,KCB-2500,KCB-3800,KCB-5400,KCB-7600,KCB-9600,KCB pump manufacturer china....
  • KCB 9600 Fuel Oil Transfer Pump
    Extensive application of KCB Fuel diesel transfer pump have been found in petroleum,metallurgy,mining and power station for oil transfer,circulation,etc.The main models include:KCB9600,KCB5400,KCB7600 gear oil pump for CE Approved....
  • KCB 7600 Lube Oil Pump
    CE Approved KCB Lube Oil Pump,Lubrication Pump,Lubricant Transfer Pump,Oil Lubricator,Automatic Lubrication Pump,Electric Pumps for Grease Transfer,Lube Oil Pumping Applications,Electric Grease Transfer Pump 7600 gear pump. ...
  • KCB 5400 gear pump for palm oil
    CE Approved KCB 5400 Palm Oil Gear Pump Model:KCB18.3,KCB33.3,KCB55,KCB83.3,KCB135,KCB200,KCB300,KCB483.3,KCB633,KCB960,KCB1200,KCB1600,KCB2500,KCB3800,KCB5400,KCB9600.Large capacity up to 570 m3/h,Caliber up to 14 ",cooking oil,soybean oil,cooking oi...
  • KCB 3800 Diesel Oil Transfer Pump Bronze Gear
    KCB 3800 Diesel Oil Transfer Pump Bronze Gear flow:3800 L/min,Power:110 KW,Caliber:10 inch, Pressure:6 Bar,it can be used for fuel oils,lubricating oil transfer,diesel,vegetable oil,Palm Oil,kerosene,biodiesel.Typical application of KCB gear...
  • CE Approved KCB 2500 Palm Oil Gear Pump
    CE Approved KCB Gear Oil Pump used to delivery non-corrosive lubricating oil or similar liquid without Particle and fibers.If made of stainless steel,can be transferred palm oil,cooking oil,soybean oil,cooking oil,Modified Starch so on....
  • KCB-1800 Gear Pump with CE Approval
    CE Approval KCB Gear Pump,KCB Gear Oil Pump,China KCB Gear Oil Pump,KCB1800 Gear Pump Capacity:112m³/h,Pressure:6 Bar,8 inch,Suitable for transfer lubricating oil or other liquid properties similar to lubricating oil (5 to 1500 CST). ...
  • KCB 1600 lubrication oil gear pump
    KCB 1600 lubrication oil Gear Pump applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating oil or fuel oil as transfer pump for delivery system.KCB-18.3,KCB-33.3,KCB-55,KCB-83.3,KCB-135,KCB-200,KCB-300,KCB-483.3,KCB-633,KCB-960,KCB-1200,KCB-1600,KCB-1800,KCB-...

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