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heating jacket pump installation precautions


There are many kinds of jacketed pumps in Saiken Pump, including jacketed gear pump, asphalt jacketed pump, screw insulation pump, etc. No matter what type of jacketed pump is, the installation sequence is the same, from foundation inspection to in place installation to inspection and adjustment to lubrication and refueling, and finally to trial run. There are some things to pay attention to during the installation process.
During installation, the construction conditions must be met, and the strength of foundation concrete should reach more than 70%.

1. The plane dimensions of the hot jacketed pump foundation are divided into non vibration isolation installation and vibration isolation installation. When there is no vibration isolation, the width around the base of the insulation pump unit shall be 100~150mm; When there is vibration isolation installation, the width around the vibration isolation base of the insulation pump shall be 150mm. The top elevation of the foundation shall be 100mm higher than the finished surface of the pump room ground when there is no vibration isolation installation, and 50mm higher than the finished surface of the pump room ground when there is vibration isolation installation. Drainage facilities are set around the periphery of the foundation to facilitate material leakage during maintenance or eliminate accidental water leakage.
2. The oil dirt, gravel, soil, water, etc. in the jacket pump foundation surface and anchor bolt reserved hole shall be removed; The threads and nuts of embedded anchor bolts shall be well protected; The surface of the place where the sizing block is placed shall be chiseled flat.
3. After the insulation pump is aligned and leveled, install the anchor bolt. The screw should be vertical and the exposed length of the screw should be 1/2 of the screw diameter. During the secondary grouting of anchor bolts, the strength of concrete shall be 1~2 grades higher than that of the foundation, and not lower than C25; The grouting shall be tamped, and the anchor bolts shall not tilt and affect the installation accuracy of the pump unit.

4. The vibration isolation measure is to install rubber shock absorber (pad) or spring shock absorber under the reinforced concrete base or profile steel base. The model, specification and installation position of shock pad or shock absorber shall meet the design requirements. Shock absorbers (pads) under the same base shall be of the same model from the same manufacturer.
5. If core pulling inspection is required for the motor before it is in place, ensure that the enamelled wire skin of the motor rotor and stator winding is not knocked. Check whether there are foreign matters in the stator slot; Test whether the clearance between rotor and stator is even and whether there is waist sweeping; Whether the motor bearing is intact. Change the lubricating oil.

6. During the test run, open the water inlet valve and the exhaust valve of the heat preservation pump. Inch the pump first to check whether there is any abnormality and whether the rotation of the motor meets the rotation requirements of the pump. Then start the pump, slowly open the valve on the outlet pipe, and check the operation of the pump, the temperature rise of the motor and bearing, the pointer value of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge, and the pipe connection, which should be normal and meet the design requirements.
The hot jacketed pump of Saiken Pump is widely used, and the installation steps and precautions cannot be underestimated. I have arranged the above for you, and I hope it will help you.

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