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  • Heat Transfer Oil Pump - Hot oi

    We're professional Heat Transfer Oil Pump manufacturers and suppliers in China high quality products with competitive price. We warmly welcome you to buy Hot oil circulating pump from our factory...

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latest news

1 inch GRACO diaphragm pump per

1 inch GRACO diaphragm pump perfect replacement Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Model:SKQ-25ASTFF Max Capacity:150LPM, Max pressure:8.4Bar Material Body/Diaphragm/Valve ball/Valve seat: PP/Teflon/PTFE/PTFE Pump Inlet Outlet:1/1 (flange type), A...

Bitumen Gear Pump

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  • Electrical heating bitumen gear pump
    Electric heating Bitumen pump is a kind of high temperature resistant gear pump,Pump housing material cast steel and can be used at temperatures up to 350 °C. China high quality Bitumen pump suppliers, Factory price!...
  • Jacket Gear Pumps for Asphalt & Bitumen
    Jacket Gear Pumps for Asphalt, Bitumen & Oil Industries with pressure relief valve in china...
  • Jacket Internal Gear Pump
    Jacketed Pumps / Jacket Internal Gear Pumps / Jacketed Rotary Gear Pumps Manufacturer, Exporters & Suppliers in china....
  • Jacket Gear Pump For Grease
    Jacket Gear Pump Applications:Petrochemical industry:asphalt paraffin wax rosin Grease,heavy oil resin and sulfur. Film industry: Cast hollow fiber membrane liquid hollow water. Jacket Gear Pump For high viscosity liquid in china....
  • Heat Jacket Gear Pump
    RCB Type Heat Jacket Gear Pump Specifically designed for handling bitumen heavy petroleum coal tar soap solutions and other heavy viscous liquids....
  • 3QGB Bitumen Screw Pump With Jacketed
    3QGB bitumen screw pump with Jacketed is mainly used for conveying high viscosity and high temperature lubricity liquid. Often used in asphalt heavy fuel oil heavy gear oilUsed at Asphalt PlantsBitumen Loading/Unloading of Crude Oi...
  • LCX Rotary Lobe Pump For Asphalt
    LCW high viscosity bitumen Rotary Lobe Pump is widely used in carrying the oil and oil products (when deliver the gasoline the copper pump leaves are needed) and transport oil paint lubricant glass cement oil-based acid toothpaste an...
  • High viscosity heat jacket bitumen pump
    LQB High viscosity heat jacket bitumen pump applies to deliver the heavy oil bitumen glue resin and scour etc. It especially used for the condition that the medium requiring to keep heat in outdoor installation at cold region. The temperature of me...
  • Jacketed Bitumen Gear Pump
    High viscosity rotor gear pump applies to deliver the dead oil bitumen glue resin and scour etcThe hollow sandwich and flange with inlet and outlet were set on the body of pump. It used in heating or cooling and keeping heat for liquid a...
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