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  • Polypropylene Aodd Pump for Che

    Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump ( AODD Pump ) Manufacturers Exporters In CHINA. Pump made of Ductile iron(SG iron)Cast steel aluminum stainless steel (SS304 SS316 SS316L) polypropylene(PP plastic) PVDF; Pump inlet / outlet:3/8 ; 1...

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heating jacket pump installatio

There are many kinds of jacketed pumps in Saiken Pump, including jacketed gear pump , asphalt jacketed pump, screw insulation pump, etc. No matter what type of jacketed pump is, the installation sequence is the same, from foundation inspect...

Pump set installation construction method and requirements


After the pump unit arrives at the user's site, correct installation and construction methods are required. Today, Saiken Pump will talk with you.
1. When the pump unit installation construction meets the technical requirements of the product itself, it shall be installed according to the requirements of the product technical documents;
2. The pump unit can be installed with or without sizing block, depending on the equipment situation;
3. The axis of the pump shaft shall be horizontal, and its position elevation shall meet the design requirements;
4. The radial displacement of the two axes of the pump axis and the motor axis shall meet the specification standards;
5. The sealing part of the pump shall be tight without leakage;
6. The connection between the pump and the base, and between the base and the foundation shall be firm without looseness;
7. When installing the pump body, the longitudinal, transverse and horizontal directions shall meet the specification requirements;
8. The clearance between the impeller and the pump housing shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents. There shall be no jamming or abnormal noise;
9. Place the sizing block as required before the base installation. The foundation surface at the place where sizing block is placed (about 50mm to the periphery) shall be leveled, and the allowable deviation of levelness is 2mm/m. The contact between sizing block and foundation shall be uniform, and the contact area shall not be less than 50%. The allowable deviation of the levelness of the flat sizing iron is 2mm/m. The surface of sizing block shall be flat and free of oxide skin, flash, etc;
10. When lifting the pump body, the lifting slings shall be attached according to the lifting point identification designated by the manufacturer. After the pump base is put on the upper position, conduct preliminary leveling and install the anchor bolts.
11. The equipment shall be leveled and aligned after the primary grouting and curing period. A group of sizing blocks shall be placed on both sides close to the anchor bolts. Each group of sizing blocks shall not exceed four layers. The height of the sizing block group is generally 30~70mm. The top elevation of each sizing block group shall be consistent with the actual installation elevation of the machine ground.
12. During the leveling process of the machine, the selection of installation datum and the allowable deviation of levelness must comply with the relevant provisions of the "Special Specifications" or the technical documents of the machine. Generally, the allowable deviation of the horizontal levelness is 0.10mm/m, and the allowable deviation of the longitudinal levelness of the installation datum is 0.05mm/m. It is not allowed to adjust the levelness by loosening and tightening the anchor bolts (generally, three-point leveling method is used for leveling)
13. The standard measuring points for installation shall be selected from the following positions:
a. The pump installed as a whole shall be subject to the inlet and outlet flanges or other horizontal machining datum planes
b. The disassembled pump shall be based on the machined surface of the pump body;
c. Vertical pump, based on coupling or motor base;
d. Reciprocating pump shall be based on the body slideway, bearing seat, exposed part of shaft or other machined surfaces.

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