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KCB Series Gear Pumps

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  • KCB 960 gear pump for vegetable oil
    KCB gear pump applies to transfer such as diesel oil,crude oil,engine oil,hydraulic oil etc.If it is coupled with copper gear and ex-proof motor,it is suitable for gasoline, benzene transfer. It also fit for drink, milk,honey, vegetable oil ...
  • KCB 633 Marine Gear Oil Pump
    KCB 633 Marine Gear Oil Pump,capacity:633 L/min Caliber:4 inch.Material:pump casing and cover:cast iron,pump gear couples:40Cr stainless steel, shaft:carbon steel #45, suction head 4-5 meters. mechanical seal, material SIC(silicon carbide)/hard alloy,...
  • KCB 483.3 Gear Pump with Ex-Proof Motor
    KCB 483.3 Gear Pump,capacity:483.3 L/min,Caliber:3 inch,herringbone gear.KCB Gear Pump model:KCB18.3,KCB33.3,KCB55,KCB83.3,KCB135,KCB200,KCB300,KCB483.3,KCB633,KCB960,KCB1200,KCB1600,KCB2500,KCB3800,KCB5400,KCB7200,KCB9600....
  • KCB 200 rotary gear pump with safety valve
    KCB 200 rotary gear pump Built-in pressure safety valve,capacity:200 L/min Caliber:2 inch.Good self-priming function Self-lubrication by the pumped liquid.Pump Body Material:Cast iron / stainless steel(304/316/316L)....
  • KCB 300 Gear Pump With herringbone gear
    KCB 300 Gear Pump,capacity:300 L/min,Caliber:3 inch.Good self-priming function,herringbone gear.KCB 300 Gear Pump model:KCB18.3,KCB33.3,KCB55,KCB83.3,KCB135,KCB200,KCB300,KCB483.3,KCB633,KCB960,KCB1200,KCB1600,KCB2500,KCB3800,KCB5400,KCB7200,KCB9600....
  • KCB 135 gear pump for diesel transfer
    KCB Gear Pump capacity range up to 570 m3/h.MODEL:KCB 18.3,KCB 33.3,KCB 55,KCB 83.3,KCB 135,KCB 200,KCB 300,KCB 483.3,KCB 633, KCB 960,KCB 1200,KCB 1600,KCB 2500,KCB 3800,KCB 5400,KCB 9600....
  • KCB 83.3 gear pump for Fuel Oil
    KCB gear pump capacity up to 9600 L/min,can be used for fuel oils,lubricating oil transfer,diesel,vegetable oil,Palm Oil,kerosene,biodiesel.This pumps on board ship or vessel are supply of F.O.,M.O.,L.O.,diesel oil,or even petrol,benzene and so on....
  • KCB Type Fuel Transfer Pump
    KCB Type Fuel Transfer Pump can Transfer Fuel oil,Diesel oil,Petrol Fuel,it be called Electric Diesel Pump,Fuel Pump,Oil Transfer Pump,Petrol Fuel Transfer Pump,Electric Fuel Transfer Pump,Fuel Transfer System....
  • Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump - KCB Series
    KCB Series Lubrication Pump Suitable for transfer Lubrication,Lube Oil,Grease,Manufacturer: CHINA SAIKEN PUMPS,capacity: 18.3-9600 lpm,Port:3/4"-14",speed: 740 r/min-1440 r/min,Discharge pressure: 0.28 Mpa-1.45 Mpa...

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