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  • KCB Gear Pump & KCB Gear Oil Pu

    KCB Gear Pump & KCB Gear Oil Pump,MODEL:KCB-18.3,KCB-33.3,KCB-55,KCB-83.3,KCB-135,KCB-200,KCB-300,KCB-483.3,KCB-633,KCB-960,KCB-1200,KCB-1600,KCB-1800,KCB-2500,KCB-3800,KCB-5400,KCB-7600,KCB-9600,KCB pump manufacturer china....

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Maintenance method of self-prim

Maintenance of self-priming pumps , maintenance of self-priming pumps, methods of maintaining self-priming pumps. 1. Check whether the pipes and joints of the self-priming pump are loose. Turn the self-priming pump manually and try to see i...

China Magnetic Pump manufacturer


CHINA SAIKEN Magnetic Pump Co., Ltd is specialized manufacturer designing and producing magnetic-driving pumps in China.
We have a series of our products including carbon-reinforced plastic magnetic driving pump, plastic magnetic driving pump, stainless steel magnetic drive pump, plastic magnetic driving chemical process pump, frpp/pvdf plastic magnetic driving Centrifugal Pump. 
Our plastic magnetic driving pump and chemical process pump were initiated as one of the 'China Torch High-Technology Development Programs' and 'National Innovation Technology Fund' 
During the past 12 years,we have focused on product development and technology innovation.  We have a series of magnetic pumps which are made of various materials. We are manufacturer to achieve operating temperature of plastic pump to 150℃, metal magnetic pump to 250 ℃, with low Energy consumption. We are professional manufacturerspecializing in magnetic pump production,Our products are applied in many industries and capable for many kinds of chemical liquid transmission.

China Magnetic Pump manufacturer

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